Scholarship qualifications and benefits

Who may qualify for financial assistance?

If you will be

then you may qualify. All qualifying applicants are considered, but awards are made on a case-by-case basis subject to available funds. Not all applicants will receive a scholarship award.

Code & Supply Scholarship Fund is presently targeting people internationally matching these descriptions:

  1. Unemployed software professionals. People who are currently not employed full-time or part-time in any position.
  2. Underemployed software professionals. People who are not currently employed in the field of their training. Examples:
    1. A person having formal education in a related field but not employed in it presently
    2. A person having an undergraduate degree in computer science but working full-time as a coffee shop barista while looking for work
    3. A stay-at-home parent whose primary responsibility is the care of children but who intends to return to the profession when the children enter all-day schooling
    4. A person pursuing a degree part-time as a non-traditional student
    5. A person who attained an English degree in their early 20s but decided to go back to school for computer science
    6. A person who is enrolled in a degree program for the first time and has been a software professional for less than two years
    7. A retiree on a fixed income, regardless of their field during their career, as long as they are contributing to the software community at present
  3. Underrepresented software professionals. People who are members of the following groups, which are commonly known to comprise a very small percentage of the professional roles in the software community:
    1. Women
    2. Black
    3. Indigenous cultures, such as Native Americans
    4. Hispanic/Latino
    5. Gender, Sexual, and Romantic Minorities (GSRM)
    6. Physically or mentally impaired
  4. Students
    1. High school students who plan to enroll in a software-related degree program or are already working as a software professional
    2. College students who are enrolled in a software-related degree program or have intent to seek employment in a relevant field following graduation regardless of degree program

C&S Scholarship Fund may award scholarships worldwide to the above demographics provided that they:

  1. attend events within the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, or
  2. live in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, but do not have the funding to speak at events to which they have been formally accepted to speak. These target recipients are expected to exhaust all other sources of funding, including employers, schools, public grants, and personal savings in excess of six months of expenses.

What costs may be covered?

For Pittsburgh-bound recipients or internationally bound speaker recipients alike, a scholarship award may cover all or a part of a recipient’s travel and accommodations.

How to apply

Scholarship applications are open for limited events.

Apply online